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In addition to my current release, Losing Adam, I have completed several other novels that are looking for a publishing home. I hope you will read the back cover blurb for each book below and tell me what you think!

Whispers in the Dark

Devastated by her mother’s recent death, Gracen Willows feels lost and alone. When her application to art school is denied it seems like all her dreams are falling apart – until she meets a man on a train who offers her an all-expense paid dream job on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Lured by the prospect of being part of a family again, Gracen takes the job. But when Gracen arrives on the Island she’s thrust into the strange, mysterious world of the Carringtons – a once illustrious family torn apart by secrets and lies. Gracen soon finds herself drawn to two very different brothers: successful, easygoing Jamie and troubled, artistic Kit. When Gracen begins to fall in love with Kit her life on the island takes a perilous turn. 

Plagued by the sensation of being watched, and a series of disturbing dreams, Gracen is forced to realize there’s much about her new love she doesn’t understand. Why do the locals blame Kit for his former girlfriend’s death? Why does his gifted, autistic sister draw his face over and over again? And why is Jamie determined to warn her away from his brother? Is Jamie jealous? Or does he truly believe Kit is a murderer? When Gracen learns the shocking truth behind the Carringtons’ complicated relationships, she begins to question what is real. Torn between her love for Kit and the truth about who he is, Gracen must make a choice before her own life is in danger.

Opium Ghosts

Camilla Masters is alone in the world. After her fiancée’s death from a supposed opium overdose, she is abandoned by her future family, who blame her for Tristan’s suicide. Now at the mercy of her ruthless, social climbing mother, Camilla must marry the man her mother has chosen: rich, cruel Lord Killian, or spend the rest of her days in a lunatic asylum. 

Determined to escape her fate, and to uncover the truth about Tristan’s death, Camilla enters into the mysterious London Spiritualist movement, where she is drawn to the gifted but troubled medium Amelia Day. Claiming to communicate with the dead, Amelia promises the thing Camilla longs for most, to reunite with her lost love. Camilla’s search for answers takes her through a series of darkened rooms, where spirits are summoned, and hope is won and lost. 

When Tristan finally reaches out to her, Camilla believes she can regain her happiness. But as she’s drawn further and further into spirit communication, the truth of Tristan’s life and death becomes more elusive. Is it really Tristan’s spirit who speaks to her? Or something more sinister? Amidst ghosts and shadows Camilla must learn to fight for her freedom or be a prisoner forever.

To Dance in Liradon​

Seventeen-year old Brigid O'Flynn is an outcast. A chance encounter with the Faerie Queen left her tainted in the eyes of the villagers, who blame the Faerie for the village’s missing women and children. Desperate to win the village’s acceptance, Brigid agrees to marry her childhood friend: serious, hardworking, Connell Mackenna. 

But when Connell disappears before their wedding Brigid's hopes are shattered. Blamed for her fiancé’s death, Brigid fears she will suffer the same fate as the other village outcasts, the mysterious Willow Women. Lured into Liradon by their inhuman lovers, and cast out weak and broken, the Willow Women spend their lives searching for the way back into Faerie. When Connell suddenly reappears, Brigid is overjoyed, but everything is not as it seems. Consumed by his desire for beauty and celebration, Connell abandons his responsibilities, and Brigid soon finds herself drawn into a passionate, dangerous world of two. 

When Brigid discovers the truth behind Connell's transformation she’s forced to choose between two men and two worlds. Brigid’s struggle leads her into glittering, ruthless Liradon where she must rescue her true love from a terrible sacrifice or lose him forever.

Nia and the Yurei

Nia Ronan’s world has been turned upside down. Two years after her father’s death, Nia is still adjusting to life without him when her mom announces they are moving to Japan to live with her new fiancée! Shocked by so many changes, Nia finds herself trying to cope with the move, a prospective step-father, and just when things can’t get any weirder, a ghost. And not just any ghost, a Japanese yurei that wants Nia to help her find her missing daughter. Nia is sure nothing else can go wrong, until she and her new friend, Kazuo, the cute boy next door, accidentally summon another yurei: the wicked, child-stealing Ame onna. Now with two yurei attached to her, Nia finds herself drawn into the spirit world where she must do the impossible: set one Yurei free so she can move on from the spirit world, and stop the vengeful Ame onna before she strikes again. Will Nia be able to undo the mysterious curses surrounding both women before it’s too late?

Steeped in the Japanese folklore, Nia and the Yurei is a unique story about friendship, family, starting over and finding your inner strength.

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